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Treatment log

Franca Haas

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Dear Mr Probst,

It has been a while, but, as promised about 7 months ago, here is a short report on the treatment of my two horses.

At the time you kindly provided me with a small bottle of EQUISILVER HEAD AND THROAT WASH free of charge with the request to report on any resulting success or failure. So, here it is.

In addition to several other horses at our stables, my two horses, a Paint Horse (12 years old) and a Quarter Horse (23 years old, COB patient), also coughed heavily over a period of several weeks last year. The COB patient was even treated in the Bargteheide horse clinic for several days. That is also where we purchased our first FLEXINEB® nebuliser.

All conventional medication from the veterinarian brought hardly any relief and if so, then only briefly.

Nebulisation with saline solution (and if necessary with ACC) did both horses extremely good and was very happily accepted by them.

On 08 August 2014 I started to administer EQUISILVER to both horses with the help of the FLEXINEB®. I want to be honest, I did not follow the instructions on the bottle, but nebulised 10ml of the product once per day. Most of the time I exercised the horses a little before nebulisation so that the lungs were already expanded a little.

After 12 days, during which I nebulised 10ml per horse per day, the product was used up. My Paint showed a milky white nasal discharge for the first time on the sixth day of treatment, my Quarter showed a marked increase in coughing on the fifth day of treatment, whereby the coughed up mucus was apparently swallowed again immediately.

After the treatment with EQUISILVER, I continued to supply both horses daily with saline solution exclusively via the inhaler for two weeks and then followed a five-day course of treatment with ACC. In addition, they were given wet teff or dry teff in the HEUTOY, which significantly reduces the inhalation of dust.

In both horses, the cough still occasionally appeared for about two weeks, but quickly got better and finally disappeared altogether. Neither horse has coughed since then!

I had expected that my COB patient would cough again during the winter months, but there were never any relapses! Other horses at the stables are still not cough-free despite veterinary treatment.

My conclusion: EQUISILVER has certainly contributed greatly to the recovery of my two horses and I would always recommend it in conjunction with your product, the FLEXINEB® nebuliser, which I would never want to do without again!

Sometime last year I ordered another complete mask from you, so that every horse has its own set. I only use the nebuliser unit with the rechargeable battery for both and then only swap the masks.

I am still very satisfied with your product and use it repeatedly for preventive treatment with saline solution. My horses are very relaxed every time and always breathe in and out very deeply.

I would like to thank you once again for your generosity in giving me the EQUISILVER for free!

Kind regards,
Franca Haas

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