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“Remember our emergency case Mr Bean Boston? A confiscated horse, arriving at our place badly injured and in pain. You can find his story and his rehab photo album under the following link:

After a successful dental surgery and hospital stay, Mr Bean urgently needed an ultrasound nebuliser for a better recovery, one which could nebulise NaCl as well as medication , was sufficiently powerful for a horse’s lung and, above all, was portable. In our search for this magical device we ended up with the Flexineb® by Nortev. A first rental device for testing then also convinced us in practice.

Mr.Bean, a still very jumpy horse with shattered nerves, actually seemed to be one who had to be familiarised to a nebuliser on his nose extremely carefully. To our astonishment, the Flexineb® didn’t scare or worry him at all. Already from its second application onwards, the completely noiseless device without tubes or cable no longer bothered him.
Tested, approved … ordered.

We would like to thank the company “IHR- Medizingeräte & Vertrieb e.K.”, who not only gave us professional advice, but to our astonishment gave us a device as a partial donation. After the management had taken a closer look at our charitable work in horse rehabilitation, we received a surprising email that our work was greatly appreciated and that they would like to support this commitment. We are extremely grateful and happy!

It is so important that “animal welfare” as a national objective should become even more central to our society, that it should be perceived as a matter of course by all and that it should also be conscientiously represented in business. In this case, “IHR” not only had a heart, but also assumed responsibility for this social mission. In our opinion, this is “true cinema quality” in this day and age and we would like to mention it publicly here.

Here is the link to the “IHR” FB page, more information under:

Mr Bean has been nebulising daily for a few weeks now and we are already excited about the improvement in his health. After just a few days, we were able to reduce the previous amount of cortisone we had to use and gradually discontinue it completely. In addition to strengthening herbs and black cumin, he now “only” gets a daily nebulising unit with NaCl and does just fine with it. His teff is only moistened and cleaned every day and, apart from lots of free exercise and fresh air, he is only stabled on dust-free bedding. For him, these are vital measures. We are pleased that yesterday’s examination by our veterinarian was able to confirm the “astonishingly good progress in light of the degree of injury”.

We will see how Mr Bean develops as the treatment progresses, as his lungs are chronically damaged (diagnosis: advanced COB/one-sided laryngeal paralysis) and we don’t yet know what this horse will look like in periods of warm and dry weather. But one thing is certain: nebulisation is currently what restores his quality of life and free breathing. We are so happy for him … THANKS to all who contributed.

Mr Bean will remain a complex patient and cannot be placed due to his various health-related issues. Both his livery and feeding, as well as further medical care remain expensive as well as busy. Anyone wanting to sponsor Mr Bean is of course very welcome! In the long run, we can only give horses like Mr Bean a permanent pension if people agree to assume a small share of the responsibility for such a dependent creature.

Thanks in advance,
Nico & Team

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